36 Trees That Don't Care About Your Plans


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  1. Posted by PineappleShips, — Reply

    I always just thought it was because you could wrap a rock in paper like some bedazzled Christmas gift you’d give to a naughty child. Like a chunk of coal.

  2. Posted by nopannya, — Reply

    But-but now there’s two rocks

  3. Posted by lisacarolinee, — Reply

    thought this was that scene from demon slayer lol

  4. Posted by lebishop78, — Reply

    Well played.

  5. Posted by corinaoaks84, — Reply


  6. Posted by greatfeaster, — Reply

    Root wedging

  7. Posted by Dad3Jokes, — Reply

    That’s stickin’ it to ‘em

  8. Posted by lilly27doglover, — Reply


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