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  1. Posted by sofi0626, — Reply

    Merida and Jasmine look like they´re about to murder someone. XD

  2. Posted by niapetty03, — Reply

    But where is Tiana tho 🤔

  3. Posted by cookiesryummy2, — Reply

    Snow White looks really concerned about the apple...

  4. Posted by Stormykowalczyk, — Reply

    I think Anna is the one who looks like themselves the most,don't you?

  5. Posted by ngch3977, — Reply

    OMG i love Disney princess except some look NASTY

  6. Posted by gule4232, — Reply

    Where is Aurora

  7. Posted by sofi0626, — Reply

    They´re even look at each other!

  8. Posted by espelac8, — Reply

    Where’s Moana

  9. Posted by marsha7784, — Reply

    Hey 😋

  10. Posted by lyricsaxophone, — Reply

    Merida’s face LOL😂

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