Delicious Food Recipes And Drink Cocktails


You don't have to eat out every night anymore with these delicious and easy recipes.


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  2. Posted by elizabethallen59, — Reply

    It is really easy, but I have been baking since I was five. It was hard for you because you were in the wrong room temperature and your frosting was to runny. They also forgot to chill it after crumb coat and after piping.

  3. Posted by cakespace101, — Reply

    Please check out my cake channel it would mean a lot thanks for you're time

  4. Posted by MiiiMiii55, — Reply

    Lovely outside but WAY too thick of cake on the inside. Should have cut each cake in half and also filled with buttercream

  5. Posted by cjmour, — Reply

    Tony this is what I wanted for Karen’s baby shower all those years ago! Publix didn’t understand the concept. Lol

  6. Posted by cristinaelvira889, — Reply

    Aaaa... Quiero aprender se puede voy a hacer masomenos facil ok .. Muchas gracias voy a pruebar a ver ... 💪😄👌...

  7. Posted by dayybreakk, — Reply

    Looks really good !!! But I can't really have Birthday cakes due to allergies 😏 but still looks amazing 🙂

  8. Posted by erzachanlovesanime, — Reply

    The strawberry dripped... THE STRAWBERRY DRIPPED!!(has unsatisfying breakout) but it would taste good.

  9. Posted by CytonMemory, — Reply

    I think it would be cute if you used some of each type of frosting on the top instead of all white

  10. Posted by claiirenovak, — Reply

    there is so much icing on that that i would actually get diabetes and or throw up

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