Dream Butterfly Bedroom & Rainbow Playroom for Elle and Alaia


OMG we’re coming over … with a baby! This episode was Moon’s first OMGWACO experience, so I’m so glad it was to make a dream bedroom and playroom for Elle and Alaïa! As new parents, there is just something so magical about creating the space that will foster the creativity and be a place of [...]


  1. Posted by shaina693, — Reply

    This s is litteraly my dream room and I’m 14 🙈

  2. Posted by jaylaabowen, — Reply

    That is their room lol

  3. Posted by janiea1641, — Reply

    Dream room yes😁

  4. Posted by fakhoor1845, — Reply


  5. Posted by leetancia, — Reply

    Isn't that Elle and Alaia(ace Alaia(ace family) bedroom

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