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  1. Posted by AmaliaTwT, — Reply

    That’s how you get out of the closet, first you say: “Im pregnant” and then you say: “it’s a lie I’m a lesbian” :D easy peasy lemon squeeze

  2. Posted by aankitajain2104, — Reply

    He's indian isn't he? Our country has hell lotta romance stories considering love marriage is worst scenario for the parents in this country...

  3. Posted by reenaasati, — Reply

    Everyone Seeing this pin..I. Must tell you all that this is letter has been taken from diary of a wimpy kid where the main character Greg wrote it to her mother so don’t take seriously it’s just a extract from a comic

  4. Posted by Kimiko_aesthetic, — Reply

    Me: mom im pregnant Mom: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT?????!!!!!!????!!!! Me: jk i failed my math test Mom: oh ok.

  5. Posted by matrixliveinstylesalon, — Reply

    When i read to my mom she was like soooo angry then after the second half her face was first like "😑" this and then "😂" this.

  6. Posted by hardeepkullar5, — Reply

    Then mom : get out of house Next : it can be happen but I am only punishing you for result now Nature way

  7. Posted by anshitajain31, — Reply

    That kid is great 🎉🎉🎉 We should be giving him noble prize He also ensured his security🔒 gr8

  8. Posted by meranajjar2007, — Reply

    That's how you save yourself from your mom ! 😂

  9. Posted by younglyrics96, — Reply

    It's the Indian kid.🤣

  10. Posted by lydpap08, — Reply

    Thats fake cause all the letters r same...find a different "v" from others for example.

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