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  1. Posted by HumptyTrumpty, — Reply

    Five year old me absolutely HATED Dora for some reason because I thought she was dumb and didn’t listen to me when I told her shit. Like no Dora stop asking questions the mountain’s literally behind you

  2. Posted by Heyo911, — Reply

    Does anyone else remember this white sugar sticks that used to come in small boxes that kinda looked like cigarettes so I used to pretend they were?

  3. Posted by jiyoungalice16, — Reply

    Watched it with my cousin for the first time in forever and 18 year old me just kept pointing an answering knowing full well she can't hear me..

  4. Posted by shark1b01, — Reply

    3 year old me watching Dora. Dora: were is swiper? My dad stuck with us watching Dora: RIGHT THERE YAH FUCKING DUMBASS Me: This is fine.

  5. Posted by GunpointRAMEN, — Reply

    Oh man I remember watching it and my baby sitters house. I would point and say “there!”. My friend would go up and touch the screen as if it’s a tablet. My other friend(while eating chips)would scream and shout on how dumb Dora is but points out the answer anyway. Good times but sadly I havent seen them in 6 years despite being in the same neighbourhood😞

  6. Posted by presleydavis10, — Reply

    This is exactly 5-yo me with a cigarette and a can of beer watching TV alone while my parents file their 4th divorce.

  7. Posted by Samantha739, — Reply

    I don’t know what would be more awkward,sitting there while she stares at you or answering her

  8. Posted by kalyz1332, — Reply

    When I was little I absolutely hated Dora. I always thought she was so dumb and didn’t listen to me😂🤣

  9. Posted by hazelcweber, — Reply

    Broo once I was playing Lazer tag with a few friends and I literally yelled "SNIPER NO SNIPING"

  10. Posted by fandombae19, — Reply

    I always HATED Dora because I thought that Swiper was just trying to feed his family.

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